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how to destroy the neighbor's generator ?

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Had this neighbour (a banker) whose Generator was directly behind my window.

He puts it on when he returns from work in the evening and never puts it off till the next morning as it runs through out the night.

If Nepa carry light by 1am, 2am or 3am, he go put am on by that time.

Whenever he travels out of town, our compound enjoys an abnormal kind of silence which everyone cherishes.

I used to imagine how much he spends on fuel and maintenance of the gen.

To cut a long story short, Mr Banker neighbour was dismissed from the bank he works because of fraud I think cos he works in internal control/Audit department and he had to sell all of his properties the big gen inclusive, to offset the debt brought about by the fraud cos the bank took him to court.

And that was the end of the gen disturbance story.

Not happy about what happened to him though, but thanked God that the noise making generator is no longer a problem and we all can enjoy our sleep at night.

**Did i add that our area is a forgotten area to Nepa/Phcn as we hardly enjoy 3hrs of stable electricity daily?**

God help us!



i want something that would shut the engine down for at least the weekend.
i don't want the engine to still crank or operate (and make noise), or be repairable to the average person.
i want something that's not obvious that it's been sabotaged. no need to kill or be killed over this.

sugar doesn't work; mythbusters proved that.
a disconnected hose or wire could be easily repaired.
water in the tank can be easily fixed.
stopped up air filter can be easily cleaned.

you'd need something that would either -
hopelessly clog up the carb (not just the filter),
melt the fuel line, and/or catch it on fire (delayed, not immediate),
overheat and/or seize up the engine.

interesting ideas, but not what i'm looking for -
.308 into the engine.
12 ga. into the neighbor's campfire.
dropping a large tree right on top of it.
blasting cap taped to the muffler.

anyone got any good ideas ? or bad ideas ?

drain or suck all the gas out then glue the gas cap back on the tank
that way he run out of gas then he cant get the cap off

This Site is Powered by Tweeterest Digital 2348064950565

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