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Obaseki – Power in a Name Obaseki, was given by Oba Ovoranmwen as a title to Agho, the son of Ogbeide whose lineage has produced many exceptional Obasekis,

There is power in a name. Ours, Obaseki, was given by Oba Ovoranmwen as a title to Agho, the son of Ogbeide whose lineage has produced many exceptional Obasekis, a few of whom are:

– Late Justice Andrew Otutu Obaseki – a Justice of the Supreme Court,
– Jackson Gaius-Obaseki – one time Managing Director, NNPC,
– Late Ikuobase Gaius-Obaseki – one time Iyase of Benin Kingdom
– Late Aiyamenkhue Obaseki – Esama of Benin Kingdom
– Oyuki Obaseki – Premier League Chairman, Confederation of African Football
– Late Samson Obaseki – a renowned politician
– Late Dr. Owen Obaseki – the first foreign Chief Consultant and Head of Department in the Federal Republic of Germany, and
– His Excellency, Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki – former Board Chairman of Afrinvest and current governor of Edo state.

Our able governor is the latest in a long line of excellence that dates back to the time of Ovoranmwen Nogbaisi. He is standing on a solid foundation laid down by brilliant Obasekis before him. Therefore, an attack on and disrespect of the visionary leader of our state is an attack on over 100 years of familial pedigree.

It is time for the Edo nation to decide what the Edo agenda is. Are we a state where all of the money in government is shared among a few people? People who will not even invest this ill gotten money back into the state? Or are we a state who will tighten our belts and support a man with direction? Omo na bie se. A man with world class education, who in less than three years in office is already achieving set goals.

To those who will point to certain setbacks, we say, amen gha sẹrẹ ihion tẹrẹ ọh se egbe – If the water gets to the sponge, it will certainly gets to the body. Meaning, whatever is destined to be yours will certainly be yours. That is why he is called Nogheghase. And o feko se ne.

While Nigeria is in a recession, under His Excellency, Edo IGR has hit a record high of 2 billion Naira monthly. He is a Governor of the people, who cut down trader’s tax by 50%, A man who ensures to pay salaries on time. Edo state under Obaseki pays pensioners every month without fail. A governor responsible for the full revamp and renovation of the ministries in Edo state, Infrastructural development, A fully functioning innovation hub, Training 7000 teachers through Edo Best to make sure our children are taught via modern methods.

What do you want? To share five five thousand that will finish before you buy two things, or to have that state money used to train your children to become leaders?

If we have to choose between small personal gain and the progress of our great state, we pick Edo every day of the month. We will make Edo great again and you are invited to join us. Things may be hard for some now but udin no gha man egho ovbie okherhe ra na ron ren. The palm-nut that will blossom into an evergreen palm-tree can be identified and spotted out at the budding spring. This palm-nut is on the cusp of blossoming.

Some of the great results of the Godwin Obaseki led administration still to come are the Gele Gele Seaport, Benin Industrial Park, Benin Auto Park and a host of others.

Edo state is built on strong family ties. Under the tutelage of Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku’ Akpolokpolo Ewuare II, we are all one family. We must understand that this is not business as usual. His Excellency wants to see the state become an industrial hub and he wants you, as a member of the Edo family, to be a part of this journey. If you have a brilliant idea, write a proposal. Think it through. Show him how it will take Edo state to the next level, or better still, reach out to people around you and execute the idea then see if you will have anything to complain about. Ama sinmwin aighi yaen – When you don’t seek, you don’t find.

Mai guan gbe. We, the Obasekis, are known for action. That is why the good people of Edo have named the governor ‘Wake and See’. No noise, we just deliver results.

Besides, the rubble rousers making noise are puppets. Our advice is that they do not allow hooligans behind closed doors give them false commands. Stop spreading rumours, and stop listening to rumors.

Edo state is moving forward at full speed. We thank Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku’ Akpolokpolo Ewuare II, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, His Excellency the Governor of Edo State, and the people of Edo for their good work and continued support. We also thank the rumour mongers, the people working against us, and the wailers.

Aighi mien ọmwan n’ọfona – No one is perfect. This is not a dictatorship. If you must criticise, do so constructively. State the exact problem, your proffered solution. For those who have been ridiculing us but have now seen the errors of your ways, you are welcome back with open arms. We are open for discussion because, Ẹghẹ ne ah ya rhiọrre ọre owiẹ.

Wa ruese. Together we will make the Edo nation great.
Oba gha to kpere!

The Obaseki Ibieguae Forum,
Usiemwanta Hudson Obaseki.
Gbo gbo gbo.
May, 2019.

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